Each year, HIV Care Link's events further our mission.  Whether these events are helping raise necessary funds, educating and empowering people in regard to HIV, reducing stigma associated with HIV or helping to prevent the spread of HIV; they are a vital part of the work of HIV Care Link.

HIV Care Link needs your help to make our events a success.  Our two main events are the AIDS Walk in September, and the Hope Event each spring.  These fundraisers support our client-centered programs.  Please contact HIV Care Link to become involved with these events. 

Participating in the AIDS Walk:

  1. Join HIV Care Link’s AIDS Walk team. 
  2. Raise pledges from friends and family members.   
  3. Join us in walking the course! 

Ways to help with the Hope Event: 

  1. Volunteer during the banquet. 
  2. Host a table, bringing friends and family along.


  • Hope Event27 April, 2014

    Your seed of hope makes a difference!

  • AIDS Walk16 August, 2014

    AIDS Walk Colorado; join HIV Care Link's team!