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"Michael (of HIV Care Link) is a model of consistency. In my interactions with him, I have seen that his compassion is not selective, and he is not afraid to become  deeply involved in the everyday lives of his clients. He has inspired me to remove some of my own barriers that prevent me from connecting with patients on a deeper level. His example encourages me and reminds me to focus on the entire person, rather than to see each patient as a collection of medical illnesses. I would like to thank Michael for his work, and hope that he can continue to expand the vital services he and the other volunteers of HIV Care Link offer to the HIV positive community." -Joshua Blum MD, Medical Advisor, Denver Health HIV Primary Care Clinic



HIV Care Link is an outreach of Christian compassion and hope committed to preventing the spread of HIV, empowering and supporting those affected by HIV/AIDS and equipping the church to minister effectively to people living with HIV.



HIV Care Link is an interdenominational HIV/AIDS ministry that believes in the value of every person, and is committed to obeying Jesus' command to love all people: actively, tangibly and self-sacrificially.

HIV Care Link was founded in 1996 and operates as a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation with a representative board of directors.  Our work is done mainly by compassionate Christians who wish to be involved in HIV/AIDS ministry. We are primarily funded by the tax deductible contributions of individuals and churches.


Justin Jacques, Chair and Secretary

Brian Bowden, Treasurer

Jeff Lynch


Rev. Mike Berges Tucker, Cofounder
Read his blog http://hivcarelink.blogspot.com/

Deaconness Sarah Sacco, Southern Colorado Ministry Coordinator
Read her blog http://www.thebody.com/content/art60751.html